This website and the materials and conclusions contained therein are purely illustrative and subjective, and many people may disagree with them. The purpose of AnuChildren.org is to look for common denominators, connections and similar stories from different corners of the world that may or may not provide clear answers.

The big question is: where do we come from? Are we the result of natural evolution, genetic manipulation, panspermia or creation of God?

It is also not my intention to offend readers’ religious or personal beliefs.

I would only like to put attention to other possibilities for the development of the human race than the generally applicable one, consistent with traditional science or faith.

I also hope that the thread undertaken at AnuChildren.org will enable everyone to broaden their thinking horizons without having to reject what is already known.

All the stories contained in AnuChildren are inspired by many sources from various publications, including:

– Bible
– Apocryphal books
– Book of Mormon
– Quran
– Talmud
– Zohar
– Ramayana
– Popol Vuh
– E. von Daniken: “The Eyes of the Sphinx”, “Was I Wrong”, “Revelations”, “The Strategy of the Gods”, “Back to the Stars”, “We Are All Children of the Gods”, “Space Cities”, “The Day the gods have come”, “The Day of Judgment has been long overdue”, “In the name of Zeus”, “Memories from the future”, “Evidence”
– Z. Sitchin: “At the End of Time”, “Divine Encounters”, “The Lost Book of Enki”, “The 12th Planet”, “Stairway to Heaven”, “Wars of Gods and Men”, “Lost Kingdoms”, “When Time Began “, “Cosmic Code”, “The Anunnaki Chronicles”
– A. Mostowicz: “The puzzle of the great pyramid”, “We from space”, “About those from space”
– M.J. Bin Gorion: “Jewish Biblical Legends”
– J. Blumrich: “Ezekiel’s airships”
– H.H. Beier: “Ezekiel, the crown witness”
– and others

Unless otherwise noted, all image files are available under a Public Domain license.

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