Cain – what happened to him?

In my second post, I decided to get closer with a controversial figure for many people, a murderer, a fratricide, a person cursed by God and his compatriots, and that is Cain. Cain and Abel are the sons of Adam and Eve, Cain was a farmer and Abel was a shepherd. Both of them offered gifts to God, Cain from the gifts of the field, Abel from the slaughtered animals. God looked more kindly at animal sacrifices, which led to fratricide… I will not go into detail why God looked more kindly at Abel’s sacrifice and whether he loved him more than Cain, because that is not my goal…

My goal is to find connections in various accounts and answer the question: What happened to Cain?

Connection A: Bible

Cain was exiled and received a mark so that everyone who meets him will know who he is and who his descendants are. Moreover, no one had the right to take revenge on them until the 7th generation. If it were a tattoo or mark in a visible place, only Cain would have it, his descendants would not. After his exile, Cain went to the east from Eden and settled in the land of Nod. He approached his wife, who gave birth to Enoch (not to be confused with Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah, from the line of Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve) and built a city, which he named after his son. I won’t find out who he married, since, theoretically, according to the Bible, only Adam and Eve and Cain should remain on earth…

Connection B: Quran

The story of Cain (Qabil) and Abel (Habil) in the Quran similar to that in the Old Testament. In the Qur’anic version, Cain buried his brother after seeing a raven sent by Allah digging up the earth. According to the Quran, after seeing the raven, Cain regretted what he had done.

Connection C: Babylon

A Babylonian text (according to Sitchin), based on an earlier Sumerian text from the third millennium B.C. reports a conflict between brothers, one of them was a farmer and the other a cattle herder. The farmer, doomed to wander with his clan, was named Ka’in and wandered to the land of Dunnu, where he built a city.

Connection D: Aztec legends

The Aztecs named their capital Tenochtitlan, means the city of Tenoch, after their ancestor. Considering that the Aztecs preceded many words with the letter “t”, the original name of the ancestor should be Enoch. The Aztecs claimed that the name of the city tENOCHtitlan comes from the name of the son of its founder, Enoch. The second aspect of the thread is a certain genetic condition of the indigenous people of the Americas – they do not have facial hair.

Concluding the above, the following conclusions can be drawn:

1: The Bible does not contain much information, it is, to put it bluntly, “very truncated”. This is due to the selection of content by the authors, the interpretation of the translators and censorship. There must have been other human societies in the time of Adam and Eve, which made it possible for Cain to marry and reproduce.

2. The story of Cain, as I also mentioned in my first post, has its source in older Babylonian and Sumerian accounts. However, it must be assumed that Cain actually existed, it is not a fairy tale.

3. Cain and his clan emigrated to the east from Mesoptany, possibly reaching the western coast of present-day India, built boats and, with the help of God/Gods/Angels, crossed the Pacific, reaching the eastern coast of South or Central America. The second option is that the Gods transported all of Cain’s people and their belongings across the Pacific in their flying vehicles. But this is a deeper speculation…

4. If Cain’s people did reach South or Central America, they may have founded a new community and city, as evidenced by the city named after Cain’s son. The city did not have to be founded by the Aztecs themselves, but by a much older people… By the way, Tenochtitlan is now called Mexico City.

5. As a cherry on the cake, I will add the mark that Cain received to protect him and his descendants from the revenge of his compatriots. If we take into account that from ancient times until today, “ardent” followers of the one God, including the followers of Judaism and Islam, wear beards in order to imitate Gods, and taking into account that the indigenous inhabitants of the Americas do not have facial hair, it makes a question whether Cain and his compatriots were not subjected to some genetic modification by the Gods in order to distinguish them from other people…

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