Ezekiel and present technology

Ezekiel and his experiences with the glory of the Lord, which I described in two previous posts: Ezekiel and the glory of the Lord and Ezekiel and the temple of the future, require a look from a different, more contemporary perspective.

Did Ezekiel have visions or make it all up, or did the previously mentioned “phenomena” actually happen? In my personal opinion, Ezekiel described exactly what he saw in his own words. He did not understand technically what he was seeing, so he gave the things he saw names that were used in his time and place.

Could these have been flying devices that confused Ezekiel? It is difficult to go about everyday matters without being able to explain things that cannot be explained normally…

In this case, I have to give the floor to contemporary people.

1. Josef Blumrich

Josef F. Blumrich is an engineer working for NASA, the creator of many inventions related to rocket construction. After E. von Daniken published the book “Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past”, Blumrich decided to take a closer look at the “heresies” regarding flying machines from the Book of Ezekiel that Daniken wrote about.

The effect was that Blumrich not only did not refute Daniken’s thesis, but also came to the conclusion that Ezekiel had actually seen a flying vehicle. It was a vehicle, according to Blumrich, that could fly in space, enter the Earth’s atmosphere and land on the earth’s surface. Simply, it was a type of lander/shuttle that enabled communication and transfer of astronauts from the mother ship orbiting in Earth’s orbit directly to the Earth.

According to Blumrich’s calculations, such a vehicle had to have a nuclear drive for flights in space and a second drive, in this case a turboprop for flights in the Earth’s atmosphere. For this purpose, paved landing pads and docking and diagnostic stations were needed on the ground.

In his book, Blumrich provided the possible dimensions and weight of the lander, the propulsion power needed to perform the flight, the required fuel mass, the diameter of the rotors (according to Ezekiel there were 4 of them), etc. And in 1975, Blumrich provided the data of his calculations at the 2nd Congress of Stellar Archeology in Zurich. This vehicle had a diameter of about 18 meters, weighed about 63 tons, and the diameter of the propeller rotors was about 11 meters. The whole ship looked like an inverted cone (I remember a similar toy from my childhood called a spinning top).

Moreover, based on Ezekiel’s description, Blumrich patented a wheel that could move in all directions, without the need to turn the wheel.

Ezekiel 1,16-17:

16 And the appearance of the wheels, and the work of them was like the appearance of the sea: and the four had all one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the midst of a wheel.
17 When they went, they went by their four parts: and they turned not when they went.

2. Hans Beier

Hans Herber Beier comes from Austria and worked as an engineer in a large German company. Inspired by Blumrich’s work, he also decided to take a closer look at the Book of Ezekiel, but from the perspective of the temple to which Ezekiel was taken by the glory of the Lord.

Ezekiel 40,1-4

1 In the five and twentieth year of our captivity, in the beginning of the year, the tenth day of the month, the fourteenth year after the city was destroyed: in the selfsame day the hand of the Lord was upon me, and he brought me thither.
2 In the visions of God he brought me into the land of Israel, and set me upon a very high mountain: upon which there was as the building of a city, bending towards the south.
3 And he brought me in thither, and behold a man, whose appearance was like the appearance of brass, with a line of flax in his hand, and a measuring reed in his hand, and he stood in the gate.
4 And this man said to me: Son of man, see with thy eyes, and hear with thy ears, and set thy heart upon all that I shall shew thee: for thou art brought hither that they may be shewn to thee: declare all that thou seest, to the house of Israel.

The next verses of the Book of Ezekiel describe a “man of bronze” who measures all the buildings and walls inside and out, and Ezekiel remembers everything to pass it on to his people.

The entire temple complex had dimensions of 275 by 275 meters, had an external and internal courtyard, three entrances to each courtyard, outbuildings and the most important building inside the complex – the Holy of Holies (or, depending on the translation: the Holy Tabernacle).

The Holy of Holies, according to Beier, had dimensions of 20 by 20 meters and had an inverted pyramid layout, i.e. going from the top, the walls and buildings were narrower, going lower and lower the buildings were wider and more protruding towards the center of the building. The building was built on the sides, with a box in the middle.

Following this lead, Beier believes that the glory of the Lord, after consulting with Blumrich, fits perfectly into the Holy of Holies, providing serious evidence that it was something like a docking station for a flying vehicle with technical facilities.

Taking into account that the flying vehicle was nuclear/nuclear powered, a properly trained ground crew and appropriate procedures were needed. This includes, for example, the clothes worn when operating the machine.

Ezekiel 42,14:

14 And when the priests return from the altar, they shall not go out of the tabernacle into the outer court, but shall lay aside there the garments in which they served, for they are holy, and put on other garments, and then bring them near. to the place reserved for the people.

It can be assumed that the glory of the Lord seen by Ezekiel is simply a space shuttle carrying aliens from a mother ship orbiting the Earth, and the temple where the “man of bronze” was waiting for Ezekiel is an airport with a ground service station.

Ezekiel’s level of technical knowledge did not allow him to precisely name the devices he saw, which resulted in the message reaching us in its current Biblical form, which in turn could have resulted in our deep misunderstanding of the prophet Ezekiel’s vision.

The main question is: why was Ezekiel taken to this temple and why were he given all its technical data?
It appears that Ezekiel was to build the same temple/service station on his property.

Of course, these are speculations, questions without specific, scientific answers, which are currently being answered by people outside the mainstream of science.

An additional question I haven’t asked yet is: where is or was the temple to which Ezekiel was taken? I will try to answer this question in one of my next articles.

Josef F. Blumrich “Spaceships of Ezekiel”
Hans H. Beier “Ezekiel, the Crown Witness”

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