Was the Great Pyramid of Giza built by the biblical Enoch?

This may be a controversial question, but was Pharaoh Cheops really the founder and creator of the biggest pyramid in Giza?

Cheops, so called in Greek (Khufu in Egyptian), is the “official” builder of one of the three “famous” pyramids at Giza.

According to official archeology, the Pyramid of Cheops was built around 2560 BC. during the Old Kingdom, which period in the history of Egypt falls on the rule of the 3rd-4th dynasty. According to various records, construction took 23 years, but it must be sure that construction work could only be carried out for 100 days a year, during the flood of the Nile, which gives 2,300 construction days. According to various calculations, and various scientists in the field of archaeology, construction and engineering, erecting approximately 6 million tons of rock blocks is very difficult, or rather impossible, in 2,300 days.

Almost every pyramid in Egypt was built as a royal tomb, with wall paintings celebrating the pharaoh’s life and achievements, with many treasures and servants buried with the ruler. Treasures were often plundered, mummies were stolen and sold, but the paintings always remained on the walls…
In the case of the Pyramid of Cheops, there are no paintings, there is no even the slightest inscription mentioning the owner, builder or ruler of this building, with one exception.

Between 1835-1837, the Great Pyramid was explored by the British amateur archaeologist Colonel Howard Vyse. He found nothing there except corridors, and the excavation contract with the Egyptian government was about to end. And then he found a cartouche (a type of seal) with the name of Pharaoh Khufu in one of the highest chambers. Archaeologists believed that it was a real cartouche of the king and since then, the Great Pyramid has been officially attributed to Pharaoh Cheops.

The cartouche was written in semi-hieratic characters, which were not known in Cheops’ times; pictorial writing was used then. This is the first, but not the last, inaccuracy.

The second issue is related to a linguistic error: the consonant “Ch” in the word “Cheops” was depicted with the sign of God Re. The forgery was detected by Zacharaia Sitchin, who proved that Vyse had copied the word “Cheops” with an error from John Gardner Wilkinson’s book “Materia hieroglyphica”, available at that time (published in 1828), which contained this error.

The third issue is related to the entire carousel, which was written in a horizontal line and, as we know, should be written vertically; the ancient Egyptian would have known this.

The fourth case against Cheops is a stele from the temple of Isis, found in 1850 and exhibited in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The inscription on the steel informs that:

Cheops built the house of Isis, the Lady of the Pyramid, next to the house of the Sphinx.

This means the Great Pyramid was already in its place at the time when Cheops ordered the construction of the temple of Isis and placed the stela.

To sum up the above, I sincerely doubt that Vyse discovered the Cheops cartouche in the Great Pyramid, rather he painted it himself with an error, so the Great Pyramid already stood in the times of Cheops and could not have been built by him.

Arab chroniclers, in this case Ibrahim Ben Wasif Sah Al-Katib, in “News about Egypt and its miracles” describe Saurid, the great, great, great-grandson of Husal, the pre-Flood king of Egypt. Saurid was supposed to be the builder of two great pyramids under the city of Masir (Cairo), and according to the legend, Saurid lived about 300 years before the Flood.

Abu Zaid Al-Balhi in another Arabic book “Chitat” mentions that the Great Pyramid was built over 72,000 years ago by King Saurid, called Hermes, and in Arabic called Idris. God personally told Idris about the coming cataclysm (flood) and the destruction of most of humanity, and the Great Pyramid was to store the information for future generations.
The book of “Chitat” says that Hermes/Idris/Saurid:

is he whom the Hebrews call Enoch, the son of Jared, the son of Machalel, the son of Kenan, the son of Enosh, the son of Seth, the son of Adam.

This is a serious argument that HENOCH was the builder of the Great Pyramid hundreds of years before the Flood and several thousand years before the alleged builder Cheops.

As usual, I leave the interpretation of these messages to each of you individual.

2 thoughts on “Was the Great Pyramid of Giza built by the biblical Enoch?”

  1. Absolutely spot on. This is gone into at great length by ex-con & master chronologist Jason Breshears (of Archaix.com) who’s read every book written on the Giza structure. The structure was machine-built in 90 years by Enoch (AKA Enki) is a mathematically encodedcakendrical system of astounding magnitude, and spent over 3 centuries submerged undersea, following a particular. Phoenix cataclysm cycle. Among many other wild details, the guardian Sphinx was originally a dog, not a lion, and the capstone was never placed. That was scheduled for a future date, for a specific reason. For full receipts, go to the above-mentioned site.

  2. The Pyramids were built by THOTH!!! An Verily he shall soon return!! Amongst many things these suckers shall provide free energy to those nations who accept his teachings!!
    For example…. for every citizen to KNOW THYSELF!
    Yea Verily So!!!!……………


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