Was the Great Pyramid of Giza built by the biblical Enoch?

great pyramid of giza

This may be a controversial question, but was Pharaoh Cheops really the founder and creator of the biggest pyramid in Giza? Cheops, so called in Greek (Khufu in Egyptian), is the “official” builder of one of the three “famous” pyramids at Giza. 1. According to official archeology, the Pyramid of Cheops was built around 2560 … Read more

Was Enoch taken to the heaven twice?


What does it mean to take someone to heaven in a society dominated by many religions in which God or Gods reside in heaven and have supernatural powers? Isn’t this a form of death by which we, simple people, explain the end of life and being taken to heaven? This is a very simplified but … Read more

Were there giants on earth?


Stories about giants inhabiting the earth are very old and appear in almost all ancient oral and written traditions, on all continents. The most famous are probably the biblical described in the first Book of Genesis. In many places around the world, archaeologists are discovering remains that are too large for homo sapiens and previous … Read more

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