Is the Egyptian God Horus a product of genetic engineering?

Horus is the ancient Egyptian God of the sky, son of Osiris and Isis, worshiped in the form of a falcon.

1. One version says that Osiris was killed by his brother Set to take the throne. To protect his power, Seth tried to prevent Osiris from having children. However, Isis hid her pregnancy from Seth and saved the baby.

2. In another version, Isis was impregnated by divine fire. When Isis was pregnant, she had to take refuge in the Nile Delta from Set, who wanted to kill the child, because it was the rightful successor of the deceased Osiris. There she gave birth to a divine son.

3. The third known version says that Osiris was treacherously murdered and quartered by Set, Isis picked up the scattered pieces of her husband (except the penis) and, using magic, brought Osiris back to life, gave him a golden penis and had intercourse with him.

4. Yet another version talks about killing and dismemberment of Osiris by Set. Thoth took sperm from Osiris’s phallus and impregnated Osiris’s wife Isis with it, who gave birth to Horus.

I don’t know how many different versions of the same story are circulating around the world, but I am most interested in those that talk first of all about the killing of the father and, secondly, about the creation of a child after the father’s death.

There is a grain of truth in every old story, you just have to separate the fairy tales from possible, actual events from the past.

If we assume that the first version is an ordinary fairy tale for polite children, we should take a closer look at the others.

If Osiris was in fact killed, then Thoth, by taking Osiris’s remains and extracting DNA from them, could have created a new human cell using genetic engineering, or by taking his sperm, he could have artificially fertilized Isis’s egg and artificially inseminated it.

Taking into account Sitchin’s calculations, the first 10 Gods ruled Egypt for 120 “divine years”, each of 3,600 years (each cycle is related to the revolution of the 12th planet, called X or Nibiru, around the sun), a matter of genetic engineering about 400,000 years ago clearly indicates that it was not the work of humans.

We could probably call it one off the first IMMACULATE CONCEPTION in the history of the earth!

So the question for today is: if not people, then who in those times had the technology that we are only now getting to know?

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