Kaskara, Mu, Pacific Island – was there a continent in the Pacific Ocean in the remote past?

Most of you have probably heard about the hypothetical continent described by Plato – Atlantis. In today’s story, I would like to discuss another lost continent in the Pacific, still in the phase of consideration and discussion, which has received many names: Mu, Kaskara or Pacific Island.

An interesting story was written by an Austrian engineer and NASA employee, Joseph Blumrich (the author of “Ezekiel’s Airships”), in the book “Kaskara and the Seven Worlds”. He heard the story from White Bear, an Indian from the Hopi tribe living on a reservation in Arizona.

According to White Bear, the Creator named Dayowe created the first world, where he also created plants, animals and people. The first world was destroyed by fire because humans turned out to be evil.

Then he created a second world, which ended because of frost and ice.

The third world called Kaskara, which means “Homeland” or “Land of the Sun”, is also the name of a continent in the Pacific Ocean, lying between present-day Hawaii, India, Australia and Easter Island.

We live in the fourth world now.

(Hopi legends also say that Kaskara/Mu was not the only populated continent at this time, South America was just emerging from the ocean, but further east, there was a parallel civilization, now known as Atlantis).

In the first, second and third worlds lived Kachin – creators, gods who came from space, from the planet Toonaotakha, which is one of the twelve that make up the “Union of Twelve Planets”.

The Kachins were divided into 3 groups:
1. Guardians of life
2. Teachers
2. Guardians of the law

The connection between Kachins and human women made children, hybrids, who possessed great knowledge and wisdom.

The Kachin had aircraft that were used to fly in the Earth’s atmosphere as well as in space, thanks to which the Kachin traveled to their home planet.

The memory of the Kachinas has been preserved for centuries and celebrated through spiritual, “religious” and physical ceremonies – the Hopi Indians still make dolls they call Kachina.

What happened to the continent of Kaskara?

According to the White Bear, the inhabitants of Atlantis wanted to take over the land of Kaskara and its inhabitants, which did a war. The apogee of this conflict was usage of big bomb that exploded high in the air. However, the Kaskara continent survived, but it was engulfed by water over of many years.

What happened to Atlantis?

According to the White Bear, Kaskara’s retaliatory action resulted in the use of the same deadly weapon, which completely destroyed Atlantis in a short time.

What happened to the people of Kaskara?

They reportedly fled Kaskara on boats in all possible directions: Alaska, South America, Australia, China, Japan, giving rise to new communities. Some remained on the remnants of the continent that became Hawaii, Easter Island, Micronesia, Polynesia, Melanesia, New Zealand…

In this way, according to the White Bear, the third world ended and the fourth “Toowakachi” began, in which we currently live. This took place about 80,000 years ago.

The first city that the White Bear’s ancestors founded on the new land was called Taotooma, today known as Tiwanaku, located on Lake Titicaca.

Over the next hundreds of years, the White Bear people continued to migrate north, establishing new cities until they arrived at their current place of life…

Zecharia Sitchin, in his many years of “journey” through the world of antiquity, put forward a hypothesis that the destruction of the continent of Mu occurred as a result of tectonic movements of the Pacific Plate. The plate collapsed on the part on which the continent of Mu lay, plunging it into the Pacific Ocean.

At the same time, due to pressure on the neighboring South American Plate, the Andes rose to their current height, which resulted in the creation of Lake Titicaca, which was previously a sea bay with port cities and a direct connection to the Pacific Ocean…

There is also a hypothesis that Mu sank into the Ocean as a result of the Earth’s reversal about 24,000 years ago…

As usual, these are theoretical considerations, but they make sense, I think.

As always, I leave an answer to the question whether all of the above is possible to each individual.

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