Flying cities in ancient India – fairy tales or real air vehicles?


Ancient Hindu texts, such as Mahabharata or Ramayana, in addition to the previously discussed topic of nuclear weapons, also provide very interesting descriptions of flying cities, built and operated by countless ancient Hindu Gods, thousands of years ago. This is very interesting, considering the low level of technical awareness of people living at that time, … Read more

Mahabharata and atomic bombs in ancient India

nagasaki bomb

Mahabharata (Sanskrit: Mahābhārata, महाभारत) – one of the two main Hindu epic poems (along with the Ramayana), located in the smriti category and belonging to the main works of Indian literature. The Mahabharata is the greatest epic and longest poem in the world. It consists of 110,000 Sanskrit couplets and is seven times as long … Read more

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